Friday, 23 March 2012

Requirements For Becoming A Model

Successful models to realize that modeling is 50% physical and 50% mental. Successful model will skip right over this part, thinks that modeling is all about having a beautiful body, tight. While we can not devalue the importance of having a perfect physical qualities, the other half that would normally be overlooked is the mental side of modeling. 

In fact, a very "mental" model alone, Janice Dickinson, model candidates usually say that it's all in the head. 

Major Attitude - No arrogance that 
Attitude is the number one quality that the model should have. This attitude does not mean to be harsh, nasty, mean, stubborn, and aired. Attitude means having a strong sense of your own abilities, and feel entitled to your position as a model in the world of modeling. This attitude is very difficult to explain, but you know when you see it. Attitude means that you can keep your head held high in you a strong hold on people who try to tear you down, because in this industry you will always find people trying to tear you down. 

They Can Count On You? 
The idea in the minds of most people about the fashion model is someone who parties all night until 5:00 wake up with a bottle of champagne in bed, and then dragged to 2 ½ hours late to shoot them. Another idea that many people have is of a person, a very temperamental acting angry all the people and can not be calculated. 

Images that can not be further from the truth. True, some models that behave like that. Exit from the model that behaves like that, only a very small percentage excel in the field of modeling. Mostly, a highly successful model of the famous reliable and very responsible. And it should go without saying that even the more successful models have greater motivation to be responsible. 

Arrive on Time 
Punctuality. Do you think you left back in school or your old job? Hardly. Even our favorite example, Ms. Dickinson herself, saying that a lot of success can be attributed to the fact that he is "old school" model that believes in extreme accuracy. 

Why is this so important? Because the client pays a lot of money for your time, and for photographers, assistants, directors, and studios. Every minute that you waste time costs big money and stain your reputation as a model. 

Fashion modeling is very much an independent world. You work for yourself. You do not punch the time clock, 9 to 5, every day. You are what they call a free agent. Name and face and body are the same as what is to accompany the display window. You have to treat well and you should be aware of the fact that you are your own business. 
No one will tap your shoulder and telling you to keep working or doing things that were responsible. 

It is up to you to hunt down a job and follow promising leads. If you feel a little sick in bed one day, and you have a very important shoot coming, in most cases you will be expected to push ahead and make that shot. Now we do not recommend that you go in to work if you are very sick, but we say that in most cases successful self starter who can push through many obstacles to their goals. 

Your Inner Circle 
So maybe you're not at the point of having his own party, but let's call it your inner circle. With the inner circle we mean a group of close friends and industry contacts. These are people who know the modeling industry and interested in issues related to modeling. 

 We are not talking about friends and relatives outside the industry, although it's another layer of important friends that you need to sustain and maintain. But you need to organize yourself around good support system from people who know the language modeling, to understand all the ins and outs, and who generally know what you're talking about. You will find that it is difficult to develop a support system of friends who are models ranked higher or more experienced than yourself-at least at first. But every now and then you may find yourself in the company of a group of people like you, along with one person who can help you.

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